Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I Got Laser Eye Surgery!

Just thought I´d stop by for a spot of corrective eye surgery whilst in Lima! Ok, Ok, I didn´t really take the decision so lightly - I have been researching it for over two years. When Chika came back from Japan after having had it done inexpensively I started to consider getting it done abroad. The only thing stopping me in the UK was the crazy price (as I have, no , HAD a very strong prescription it would cost over 3000 pounds!).

When we arrived in Lima over three weeks ago Tito´s cousin Julia mentioned she´d had it done, and had such a great doctor, Dr. Miguel Mendoza, that she´d recommended him to family and friends, about 8 of whom had then also gotten the surgery. The cost? About 400 pounds. Same German wavefront technology, a stylish and clean private clinic. So I signed up and got the surgery the day before yesterday. My eyesight still settling and will take a week or two to become perfect but the operation went very well - no pain - and I am able to use the computer already!

I adore Lima and want to do an update (not only here for the surgery - have also been to a water fountain park, smart Miraflores district and the Gold Museum) but don´t want to strain my eyes. We are off to Arequipa tonight on a bed bus. Will try to post more pictures there...

Conglaturations! When are you guys back in Laandan?
Yatta ne!
Yoku mieru desho!?
Ta! We´ll be back in Londres 18th - I am looking forward to getting back and seeing friendlies but dreading the cold! Eyesight still settling but amazing to not need glasses.
I'm so jealous! Every time I ask my optician (who is as blind as me) she tells me she still wouldn't do it yet. But I guess she can't really be unbiased since if we all had it done she'd be out of a job! Can't wait to ask you 400 questions about it!
Which clinic did you use? I'll be in Lima later this year and would love to get the surgery done for a few hundred quid.
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My wife and i will be in Peru this summer. How can i get in touch with Dr. Miguel Mendoza's office? Thanks!
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