Tuesday, March 14, 2006


London Moment

As I finished my first day at my shiny new job yesterday, I took a stroll down the road from Tottenham Court Road to Holborn. The sun was shining weakly through still bare branches, and the wind was chill and blustery, but the birds were all chirping about spring. The buildings lining the road looked intriguing, quite beautiful, and I had the feeling that everything was indeed going to be just fine. I've been waiting for a 'London Moment' for ages... sometimes I've had a shadow of one, but never quite that distinct feeling that must come and settle of its own accord. You know, that feeling where everything's right, you catch the vibe of the place and feel like you are really, properly a part of it. The past, well - almost a year, has been about finding our place here, where to go, how to get there, what to do when you do get there, and sometimes London just feels like a big sprawl of hurrying faceless commuters and congestion. It's better when you do take the time to look up and admire the buildings, the trees, the birds... erm - but not in Notting Hill Gate where I have been working for 10 months in a hideous 60's monstrosity typical of the area. I am so glad to be rid of that draining and negative situation! My escape came at the right time, I'd just been paid up, and spring is precisely when the language schools begin desperately seeking staff. I applied for my new job last Monday, had an interview on Wednesday, observed a lesson on Friday and started yesterday. This place is full of Europeans and Japanese on short courses looking to enjoy London and have fun. They also have high expectations of the school, and can be demanding, but it is a really refreshing atmosphere to work in. My main aim for the (hopefully!) 6 months leading up to my PGCE is to have fun and try not to take things too seriously at work. Also, fingers crossed, Tito will be working on a site at the British Museum next week, so we'll be just around the corner from each other, which will be nice!

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