Monday, January 12, 2009


Bed Bus to Arequipa

The journey by bus cama (a 'bed bus' with reclining seats) to Arequipa from Lima takes a grueling 16 hours. It is mostly along the winding costal road which means it is at times breathtaking - quite literally (Katie!). Tito and I were right at the front, on the right of the bus, on the second floor for this journey. This meant when we woke up we got views like these! I wondered aloud how many buses plunge through the puny 30cm barriers off the cliff onto the rocks below and sink to the bottom of the ocean. "Two" said Tito. "Two? What do you mean? Has this happened?!?". "Yes, two out of three go off the cliffs ." Tito kindly reassured me...

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