Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Keila's Baptism

The baptism went very well on Saturday, with the party lasting until four in the morning! We are now Keila's godparents, which is rather nice. Mostly, I am pleased to have a valid reason to spoil and generally favour her!!!

Before the event we went to a very boring, two-hour talk at the church about godparents' responsibilities, and how you have to be baptised yourself to be godparents, so I was slightly worried that someone would discover I'm not Catholic at all in any way. But absolutely everyone in Peru is Catholic, so they don't check. Phew.

After the ceremony some serious Peruvian partying ensued, with a massive sound system installed in the living room that vibrated the walls. Of course, dancing was obligatory. About 50 people came and worked their way through the ten cases of beer we got in!

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