Tuesday, December 30, 2008


José Alejandro’s Baptism Shock: Vanessa Lies to a Priest!

On Saturday we became godparents for the second time, of Tito’s cousin’s adorable little boy, José Alejandro IV. Whereas Keila’s baptism took place in a large church with at least thirty children going through the ceremony at the same time, José Alejandro’s was in a tiny old sides street church, and the ceremony was shared with just one other child.

The church, ‘Capilla Centenaria – Nuestra Senora Madre de la Misericordia’ is really rather quaint. Gold paint and varnished wood features heavily in the décor and a splendid Virgin with long black curly hair loftily presides from on high. The baptism ceremony felt intimate and special and the Father addressed me directly, checking if I understood what he was saying. I did indeed!

After the ceremony we went into a tiny room to sign as godparents. “So, you are from England?” said the friendly Father with a firm handshake – “What part?”. “Do you speak Spanish? How long are you here in Chiclayo for? What parts have you visited?” he queried with a kindly smile. Then: “Of course, you are a practising Catholic?” he inquired.

Having been to the talk the night before about how only baptised Catholics could become godparents I knew there was only one answer: “Yes, of course.” I smiled.

Bane, what a great story! I especially love the imagery of the church and the Madonna statues.
You naughty lapsed non-conformist! What would Buddha say?! You're going to have to spend a bit more time in purgatory for that one.
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