Friday, December 26, 2008



Happy Christmas! I am thinking about all the wonderful friends and family I have all around the world enjoying Christmas in different ways. .. have a lovely time with friends and family and I can't wait to see you soon!

I didn't post this photo of Tito enjoying the beach at Las Rocas yesterday on Christmas Day as I was exhausted after staying up until 6.30am on Christmas eve!

As is the custom, we stayed up until 12am, when Jesus is placed in the nativity. We all gave a little speech, and then sat down to turkey and garbanzos, paneton and cinnamon-infused hot chocolate. After this, the children could finally open their presents. Talk about patience!

At about 2.30am Tito and I went out to see some Cecelia and Elwin at their corner shop (it is a major social meeting point and is always open!). We crashed out when we got home, had turkey for breakfast at 12 noon and then went to the beach with my mum. It was totally packed with families celebrating Christmas. At this time of year the water is still cold, but the sun is blazing and it is so invigorating to dive under the strong waves.

Looks heavenly! I am guessing the water was warm enough. I like reading about different Christmas traditions...makes me want to incorporate some of them in my holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and Tito!
Now you are in California you can definitely incorporate the beach into your holiday celebrations, you lucky thing!
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