Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Back in Peru!

We're back in Peru for five weeks, after almost four years absence. Can't believe it's been so long... we left in April 2005, just after our wedding. This time, we've brought my mum with us too!

Being here in Peru feels so much different this time around - I feel like I have come home. I speak the language. Tito's family is now my family - I'm a Villalobos! Tito's friends are now my friends too - we shared a lot of good times.

Four days in we are getting into the swing of things. Just about over the jet lag. In Lima we had the loudest hotel room EVER (across from a road full of 24 hour discos!). That didn't stop us sleeping after the grueling 27-hour trip from London though!

Loving the food. Drinking yogurt is popular here, and I got a delicious 'lucuma' fruit flavoured yogurt from Wong supermarket. Unfortunately, that gave me explosive diarrhoea which I managed to sort out with four different types of medicine just in the nick of time before our 14 hour bus-cama (bed-bus) trip up to Chiclayo!

We arrived just in time for breakfast with the family...

Bienvenida a Peru, Vanesita. Hope we can meet up while you're in Chiclayo!
Thanks Vanessa! I sure hope we can meet at long last! ;)
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