Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We have the technology!

Crikey! I'm on t'internet! In Starbucks! On my own little laptop! Shame it costs 5 quid an hour or I'd do it all the time... Desperation drove me to discover this technological innovation; my Word program keeps threatening me too register it and my Norton antivirus insists it needs updating (they're both happy now, thank goodness). Still haven't got the internet in our room yet, but I vow I am going to get on it as soon as I've had my interview for a place on the PGCE course at King's College (Thursday). At the moment I am desperately trying activate memory of Blake, Byron, Keats, Shelley, The Brontes, Larkin, The Pearl Poet, Mystery plays, Everyman, Woolf, etc. which have long lay hidden! I'd like to be able to say something, anything, intelligent about what I studied. In fact, it's been great looking all the stuff up again, I forgot how much I actually do enjoy literature. In Japan I was 3 hours away from the nearest English bookshop, and in Peru 12 hours - so I haven't exactly been a voracious reader of late. I've immersed myself in Japanese and Spanish, which has been great, but isn't exactly what I need in my brain at the moment. Well, I need to prepare a bit more for the interview, but I'll let you know how it goes. I hope they give me a place, it'll make my life so much easier. I'm excited!

yay! Glad you worked it out!
Good luck.

And glad to see there are still some things that don't belong o9n a food blog ... ;)

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