Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Back to Shambolic College!

I'm starting the new term with a new attitude. Having now fully digested the fact that my boss is a maniac and this college a nuthouse, I am working to preserve my sanity. I'm not joking, by the way (in that 'you don't have to be crazy to work here, but if you are, it helps' manner)... Kaveh is totally illogical and by listening to him you begin to doubt your own sanity in persisting working here. My new way of dealing with things will involve going with the flow, avoiding rage against the machine, plus a hefty dose of laughter - if not with, then certainly at, the students. My high points so far:
1) When asked by a student (who failed my class last term) if he could leave early on the first day of class in order to meet his friend I replied smilingly, and with a shrug, "Why not? It's your decision." He scarpered, I marked him absent. Easy!
2) The students filled in the end of conversational questions to ask their classmates, by way of getting to know them. To finish 'Where do you usually...?' a dead-pan Vietnamese boy wrote '...hide when you are being hunted'. Without a glimmer of a smirk he wrote down my reply 'In the closet'.
3) Further to the above, a dappy Iranian girl completed 'Are you...?' with '...going out with my grandfather.' What?

Stick with it, kid. You'll get through it eventually.
As soon as you start realising you can make up the passing grades according to favouritism alone, the job gets massively easier... :)
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