Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Term time at David Game College has finished. I am now teaching just two and a half hours a day - a private class with a charming Iranian girl called Shirin. She is absolutely scrumptious (aptly, Shirin means 'sweet' in Farsi) and, frankly, it is just so nice to have a break from repeatedly urging monosyllabic youths to refrain from using their mobiles/drawing on the desk/drooling on the desk during class. Shirin is working really hard as she wants to enter the University Foundation Programme in January, and at present her English is pretty poor. She's very motivated, which is delightful. So, what am I doing with the other twenty-one and a half hours of free time each day? you may well ask. Well, I am expecting my first ever laptop to be delivered any moment now, and thus am currently working on my outlines in order to finally type up my short stories. It's really exciting to be getting on with them at long last. I am certainly not short of ideas, I simply need to mentally spew them onto paper! Ahem. Other than that, I am very much enjoying existing in Fulham. Our gym, Fitrooms, is superb (never thought I'd hear myself say that!) and we are relishing trying out the local bars, restaurants and curry houses. Tito has just put up some Christmas lights in our room, and I bought a nice pointsettia. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our cozy attic room. Right, I'm off to write Christmas cards...

Sounds like a good time in life.
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