Thursday, October 13, 2005


Unshiny job!

I'm afraid the gloss is rapidly wearing off my shiny new students. I'm still enjoying it, but it becomes difficult to maintain my cool when I have students such as young Ali... who informed me in no uncertain manner yesterday "I shouldn't take orders from you, you're a woman". Don't be shy, lad, tell us what you really think! Well, bless him, he's probably only voicing what the rest of the predominantly Islamic, all male students in that class believe! I can't expect my boss to support me against this kind of harassment, either, seeing as he's a total maniac and has already given me shit (albeit through another colleague) for being 'impatient' with the students. My boss refused to give me all the hours I wanted 'because you're a woman' he explained, and also calls all females 'Darling'. My days here are numbered, methinks!

That sucks. Sorry to hear it's not as you hoped. Though the comment about not getting hours would have REALLY wound me up. Ah, well. At least a new job can only get better, right?
Vanesita, sure it's not a case of testosterone and boy bravado testing his mettle against authority not anything religious?
Yep. I'm sure!
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