Friday, October 07, 2005


All the Tea in Chinatown

I got to thinking that my Wednesday night meetings with Amy and Hannah are just like Sex and the City... well, except rather than a swanky, glam bar in Manhattan, we frequent a bean-paste-bun cafe in Chinatown. And, instead of fancy cocktails, our tongues are loosened by up to three pots of fragrantly steaming jasmine tea. (We're not really into drinking too much these days, you see - detox is all the rage!). There isn't a great deal of talk about raunchy sex either, though, come to think of it. Although I believe the word has been mentioned, once or twice. So then, it's completely different then, isn't it, I hear you protest! I suppose you're right. Seemingly somewhat inferior - yet infinitely more satisfying than a shiny, scripted TV programme where the friendships are equally shiny and scripted (and thus pleasingly predictable, but ultimately false). I guess the thing that's the same is the colourful, fun conversation; the gorgeous, vivid female companionship. SATC was, of course, mostly about surrounding yourself with friends who try to listen without judging, who allow, and sometimes help, you to change - and support you through those changes. Friends who give advice based on what they think would be best for you, as a unique person, and don't just churn out their pre-fabricated opinions. Watching friendship on TV is one thing. Experiencing it first-hand is entirely another - you can't control what people say or do, how they feel, who they love, or where they go. You can't press pause, stop, delete, or eject. You just hope that come what may, you'll work through it with true friends. I, for one, wouldn't trade my real-life friendships, with all their thrills, good and bad, for all the tea in Chinatown!

*Ahem* I think you mean "losers". Unless you're the guy responsible for this:
real friends beats tv friends anytime.
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