Wednesday, September 28, 2005


UFP Starts...

It's 'hump' day (Wednesday!) of my second week of teaching our new intake of students onto the 'University Foundation Programme'... and I must say it's a real pleasure. They are still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and generally quite sweet - this is the most satisfying teaching I've ever done, I'm amazed and delighted to report. I do realise the new shiny gloss may rapidly wear off! I am, nonetheless, using a very good (hand-picked) textbook, with easy access to a photocopier, and other resources, and teaching students of quite acceptable intelligence, maturity, and motivation in the same, reasonably equipped classroom every day. None of these plus points have even coincided before! Whilst I can't really see my future lying with this school, it certainly has been handy. I went through a bit of a moment last week when I finally learned how short the terms are (I'm paid hourly, and the yearly total was rather a disappointing shock!), but am now looking on the bright side - it's certainly better to work few hours for decent pay than long hours for low pay!

oubsHow right you are on the latter point. Hope it continues to work out for you.
That's a lovely turn of affairs. It seems worldwide ESL teachers are underequipped more often than not. It's good to have an eager class.
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