Thursday, August 11, 2005


Summer School

Bah... is it only Thursday? After almost two weeks teaching elementary level summer school students, I've almost lost track. Days on end of things like "Do you like cook?" and "Teacher, what means 'does'?" frazzle the brain somewhat. I. Also. Find. I. Am. Now. Talking. Very. Very. Slowly. Even. When. Not. In. The. Classroom. I've got some real characters... a Cameroonian lad with a perpetual snotty nose who bursts into sudden laughter and complicated hand clapping for no discernable reason, a 56 year old French-Morrocan man with a hearing problem which tends to make conversations oddly Malkovich-like, and a spotty, anorexic Iranian girl who is unbearably spoilt and lazy - but whom I have much difficulty disciplining - seeing as her MOTHER is in the class, too! Yesterday afternoon, the non-English-using Saudi Arabian boy came up to me with the word 'MISSION' on his electronic dictionary screen, grabbed his bag, and left. It's action-packed, my classroom, I tell ya. So, when I was asked this morning if I'd rather take the afternoon off, or accompany 20 students to Madam Tussaud's, the choice was easy. And here I am, cappucino in hand... finally blogging. But it's a lovely, sunny day outside, so I think I shall go and make the most of it.

Vanesita, your blog is great. Could you try advertising on your site or signing up to Google Adsense or something to supplement your teaching income? You have a really nice style of writing. Ever thought about writing full time? I think you could write a great novel based on your blogging experience. Blogging is a predominantly male thang, so I think it's great fodder for a more high-brow chick lit novel... xxx
Sounds like my "normal" classroom. Consequently I opted for a summer of cafes.
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