Monday, July 18, 2005


Drum-based weekend

Had a rather nice weekend... went to the Dogstar in Brixton and enjoyed various types of music (hip-hop, funk, drum n' bass, etc.) all faithfully accompanied by over-enthusiastic bongo players! There's a great atmosphere in there, we noticed as soon as we walked in that everyone was dancing and had a smile on their face. Further on the theme, last night we went to a taiko drum concert on the Southbank. A friend I know from Japan, Michael Henry, was playing taiko, and he also featured heavily on the flute, both Japanese and Irish. It was brilliant, very professional, and really made me nostalgic for the humid, heavy, cicada-laden evenings back in Japan when we would go to festivals and eat takoyaki... ahhh. It's good to be getting out and enjoying things. It's just the choice of what to do in London is more than a bit overwhelming, especially after having lived in the countrified, rice-paddy filled Tochigi, and the beachified, chilled-out Chiclayo for most of the past 5 years!

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