Monday, June 06, 2005


Very Effective

Spent the morning lying in bed reading 'The 7 Habits of Effective People' (yes, I am aware of the irony) and have now come to realise that I really must stop worrying about things that I have no control over. Basically, the author explains how we all have a big 'circle of concern' containing a smaller 'circle of influence' and that we need to recognise what belongs where. I know we've all heard this before in one form or another, but the challenging thing is actually doing it. So, I must be very strict and not allow myself to wallow in random niggling worries of whether my doggy Wanpi misses us too much, my vague yet overwhelming fear of having children, or even my abstract wondering about if I will ever have a house and a car and nice holidays and a proper career. No! I cannot indulge myself in the luxury of pointless preoccupation. What I need to do is work on things that I can indeed do something about. Fancy that! It's great to drop all those crappy regrets about things that happened the past, fears for the future of the world and just concentrate on me, myself, now, in the present... eating well starts today, do the exercise now, listen better immediately, make that phone call, plan that article, write that letter. Change is constant, embrace it and allow yourself to evolve. I haven't read a great deal of 'self-improvement' literature, but what I have read I've taken very seriously (ever since Alan Carr's magnificent book stopped me smoking three years ago), though I know it's quite easy to scorn such writing. But scorn away, people who are locked into negative/incorrect/harmful ways of behaviour and thinking always will do so... whilst I'm well on my way to becoming a Supreme Being. Or, at least, rather good.

That sounds great... I could start something similar tomorrow morning, except I'm disclined to do anything that remotely resembles studying. Even breaking it down into the smallest steps possible, such as 'uncapping my pen', would be too much hassle.

After my last exam, I could start something similar. Good luck with your new outlook though!
Hey there,
I'm a reporter with The Wall Street Journal and I'm interested in writing a story on expat bloggers. Would you mind giving me a hand? I just want to ask a couple questions. Please let me know asap. Thanks!
Tami Abdollah
Circle of concern vs influence is an interesting way to think of it tho. All going well otherwise with home and whatnot?
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