Thursday, June 16, 2005



Things that Tito has randomly brought home from work:
A T.V. table on rollers
A trowel
Some industrial strength glass cleaner
Paper towels to use with the above
Plant pots
A perfectly good hard hat (for use at his next job)
Sticks of wood to hold up the tomato plants
Plastic strips to affix the plants to said sticks

All of which he found lying around, or stuffed in the bin, and all of which have been put to jolly good use. I just love the hunter-gatherer in him, or is it the salvaging Peruvian? Either way, it pleases me no end to put things to good use - things that would otherwise be in a land-fill site, and that we would have had to buy ourselves anyways. What a terribly wasteful society we have here in England today. I'm proud to have a hubby who wants to try to be part of the solution, in his little way...

The london list looks a bit huge, but you might like Freecycle. Basically people list things they are going to throw out unless someone wants them. You get sofas, beds, cooking things, sheds, rabbit runs, bicycles, all sorts.
man i love guys like that. so handy.
yes waste not, want not. :-)
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