Monday, May 23, 2005


Top 10 Things I Miss About Peru (in no particular order)

1. My doggy Wanpi (she's had the op, by the way... this is one Peruvian mammal that WON'T be reproducing!)
2. Sun every single day without fail
3. Buying fresh crabs, 4 for 50 pence, from the men who go out fishing on caballitos (reed crafts used since Inca times) and making chankarito - crush the crabs... add limon and chilli pepper... oye, que rico!
4. Tito's beloved Celica
5. Drinking outside Cecelia's corner shop on any random weeknight until 7am (not sure if I do actually miss this one...)
6. Glavis's cooking, especially the massive vegetable soups and coconut jam
7. Salsa music everywhere
8. The beaches, Pimentel (Las Rocas) and Puerto Eten especially
9. A rather filling cebichito with a tortita de choclo (a fried corn fritter) for one sol - about 14 pence!
10. Modelo market for wonderful fresh fruit and cheap silver jewellery

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