Tuesday, May 10, 2005


London Life Starts

There's many extrordinarily good reasons why I haven't made an entry in far, far too long... honestly. In the past 6 days we have found, and now moved into, a really bright, lovely one-bed Victorian conversion flat in Anerley (next to Crystal Palace and just down the road from Katie and Al's) AND I have gotten a fabtastic job teaching English to pre-university foreign students at David Gate College in Notting Hill (many thanks to Em for landing me a real corker of a job!)... it's been all go, basically. We've been trying to figure the trains/tubes/buses, where to find South American types who might like to give Tito a job, what the heck I should do for a summer job (the college is closed for July and August), how to read the meters, how to get along with Katie and Al's Devon Rex curly cat Milo, and which precise types of curry/pizza/cheese we best enjoy. It's all new and exciting, and the emotional rollercoaster we've experienced for so long seems destined to continue even over here. It's spring, the leaves are well sprouted and the birds are chirping, the air smells fresh and green and we have lots of wonderful mates to meet up with. Yet, we don't know quite how we'll pay the second month's rent of our nice little flat, nor where the post office is, or how to join the library. Slowly but surely, we'll get sorted. We are loving London, and so chuffed with all we can see, do and acheive here. It's just super to be back!

Dear Vanesita,

My name is Julien. I am building a new website for expatriates, and will be the webmaster of www.expat-blog.com. In the last three years I have spent a lot of time travelling and living away from my home country, hence me setting up www.expat-blog.com.

I had the idea to create a blog so I could share my experiences of living abroad and keep in touch with my family and friends. While reading other expatriate blogs the idea came to me to create a classified expat blog directory. This would include a free blog hosting platform with interesting features such as picture albums designed specifically for expatriates. I do not believe this would be in competition with existing blog platforms such as blogger.

The website is still in working progress. The present situation is as follows:
> The expatriate blog directory, including a classification per country and language - I am working on this at the present time
> The free Blog platform – this section will be completed by the middle of June.
> An Expat resource directory - this will include all expatriate suggestions.
> A forum designed to encourage interactivity and questions/answers from expatriate to expatriate

This is the global presentation of the website. Do you think my project is a good idea?

Would you like to add your blog in the expatriate blog directory?

I look forward to hearing from you

You and Tito settling in ok still?
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