Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Yorkshire Update - I'm Not Dead!

It's amazing, we've had sunny weather almost everyday since we arrived back in the UK! Spring is lovely here. Been seeing old friends, and eating far too much cheese, and going for country walks; very nice indeed. We went to Haworth to the Bronte Parsonage with my mum yesterday, which was interesting, though it was throwing it down by the end of the day. The lady in the old apothacary asked Tito if he was Mexican (to which he replied "Odelay! Odelay! Arriba! Arriba! - just joking) and said she'd been to Peru. A man further down the main street on a ladder overheard us talking about Machu Picchu and said the lady from the fair trade shop has just returned from there. Ooo, it's a small world, innit. Tito thinks Yorkshire is very scenic, and the pubs rather cozy, but thankfully says he definitely prefers to live in London. He's really keen on learning about British customs in general, though he's not overly impressed with the Tetley's ("Um, Vanessa, this is warm!" he whispered alarmedly). Everyone up here says "Oh, you can't live in London - it's much too expensive!". That London is one of the most expensive cities in the world I do not doubt, but I always think - well, all the people who live in London live in London, so why the heck can't I?

Hi Vanessa, this is Luis from Lima. My girlfriend (who is american) and I are thinking about getting married in July here in Peru when she comes visit. Think you can help us by givin us some info on what we need to get married and then processing the residence visa for her? I've searched all over but still got no idea how easy or difficult it may be.
By the way... how did you manage to stay in Peru for such a long time with no work visa?? My girlfriend is thinking of staying here for about 6 months but no idea how we'll work that out.

Thanks in advance,
-Luis can contact me at

Note: your blog is wonderful! I love it!!!
Good to see an update. :-)
I have really enjoyed your entries about Peru. I hope that you will continue to write now that you are back in the UK.
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