Friday, April 08, 2005


Visa Tomorrow!

You're not going to believe this... on Tuesday, just after I made my blog entry, Tito came rushing into the internet cafe and announced that the Municipalidad finally had THE BOOK! Well, we ran over there and put on long faces and made forlorn noises until we were allowed to sign the thing and finally receive our marriage certificate. Then we packed up at Katuwira, said final goodbyes, and jumped on the overnight bus to Lima. Wednesday morning we arrived in Lima, showered, (Tito donned his lucky shirt), and off we went, directly to the British Embassy with papers in hand - only to be told that they have decided not to process visa applications on Wednesdays. So, this morning also found us waving papers at the Embassy at 8am - only to be told to come back in on Monday at 12pm for our interview. We sat in the Embassy staring disappointedly at the interview slip and debating whether or not to tell the staff my grandfather had died and I need to back ASAP (both true - though my grandfather passed away many years ago, bless'im). Suddenly, the Vice-Consul called me over. She'd seen our miserable chops and said she'd interview us today. Although somewhat amused and taken aback at the various complications of our multi-continental relationship, she gave us the green light. We pick up Tito's visa tomorrow!!!


*Happy Dance*
Oh my Lord. I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't have said. I was beginning to think you may have settle there permantly. Congrats!
Vanessa, if you read this, can you write me ( and explain The Peruvian MARRIAGE BOOK story? I am getting married in Peru in Sept. and the thought of waiting for one marriage license book for all Peruvians marrying foreigners is a scary propect. thanks
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