Tuesday, April 05, 2005


More Flatulations

Speaking of bottom eruptions, as I unfortunately was... Tito said to me this morning "Because of the beans we ate yesterday, today I have many gases." To which I replied "No, we say 'a lot of gas', because 'gas' is uncountable". "No baby" he said, "It's countable - I've counted 17 so far this morning."

As you might guess, we are still waiting for the gringo marriage register book to come up from Lima. Apparently there is only one book, which does the rounds of the whole country - it could be in Iquitos or Arequipa or Cajamarca as we speak. We're totally stuck; they won't issue our marriage certificate until the book comes, even though we were married over two weeks ago. This level of inefficiency seems laughable - why a book? do they not have computers in this country? where is this blessed book now? It seems laughable, but it's not so funny when you are stuck in the system. And this is what normal Peruvians have to live with everyday! British nationality has never before seemed so appealing to me as now. Anyway, Tito is presently in the Municipalidad with a lawyer trying to make a ruckus... I'll let you know how it goes!

Banessa, are you online right now? If you are sign in to IM
Good Luck kiddo! I'll be hoping the book is on it's way to you!
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