Saturday, April 23, 2005


Grim Up North

Nah... I think it'll be lovely. As my uni friend Bridge used to say: "Sophistication? Don't talk to me about sophistication. I've been to Leeds." We're off for a week, to visit my parents near Skipton in Yorkshire, and properly relax. We have been relaxing and panicking on and off in equal measures since we arrived in London, but Yorkshire will be a chance to totally unwind, because, erm... we'll have no choice. London has , frankly, been just great. We have had plenty of sunny weather, and the air round here smells green like spring. We really like the Crystal Palace area where we plan to live, and Tito was suitably impressed today by some of central London (and especially by the double-decker open-air tourist buses - Austin Powers flashback?). But we're not on holiday really - we know we really, really need to get on with things - despite the jet lag and flashes of culture shock. Small achievements feel like big ones (today we finally got our mobiles sorted and looked at a flat down the road) but we certainly have a long way to go. However, we shall for now rejoice in watching lambs gamble, glug Tetleys in little country pubs, take long bracing walks over the moors, and eat lashings of fishn'chips and good Keighley curry!

And the new adventure begins...should be a great week for you.
Being from Keighley myself i am interested to know where you get your good Keighley curry from. Thanks
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