Saturday, March 19, 2005



I'm getting married tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Have fun today! I love reading your stories, which help me to better understand his culture. I'm an U.S. gringa married to a tall Peruvian (Gustavo) living in the U.S. - Viva la difference!
Really?! Good luck!
I found the address to your blog in the latest Marie Claire, and now I´m looking forward to read about your wedding!
Ooops... Sweden that is!
All the best for your wedding, got the adress for your blogg from a friend who again read it in the Marie Claire;)

s- Norway
w00t!!! congratulations, all the luck and happiness in the world, and eh, anything else!!!

it's so inspiring to find someone pull through all the crap that you have dealt with, and you still seem optimistic!

by the way, did you ever get new ceramic wedding thingies?
Wow, you're getting married in 15 min! I hope everything goes wonderfully! Congratulations on earning your MRS ;) I can't wait to hear all about it! Lots of Love
Read it in Marie Claire? Whappen?
Blimey, you announced your nuptials in an international magazine blogvert?

Congratulations, Vanesita. Hope you have a great time.
congrats....... i read Marie Claire today and they were talking about your web side.... I just came home from Peru after 6 incredible months were i fell in love with a peruvian man...... came to learn spanish for two months came home 6 months later in love..... not exactly planned. But im saving up money to go back to this amazing country. Love to read your stories... makes me a bit "home" sick.
Sofia, Iceland
By now you'll be a married woman!! woohoo!! It's finally happened for you, the best of luck. It's well deserved.

luv ya, sarah
Thanks guys! Btw, we re-ordered all the stuff we had stolen and they were all ready in time... all's well that ends well!
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