Friday, April 01, 2005


True Sign of an Adventurer

In Peru, the toilets are generally missing at least two or three, but often all of these things:
1. flushing mechanism/handle
2.toilet seat
3.running water (soap? no chance)
4.toilet paper
6.electricity/window (ie.light)
Sure, I know all about roughing it, thanks very much. But the almost total lack of basic facities combined with the serious exploding arse syndrome (SEAS) caused by cebiche (the national dish), and countless other foodstuffs can be bit tough to handle at times. Well... in short, it means that sometimes my hand smells like poo. I mentioned this, in passing, to my husband yesterday. He pondered for a moment, and then replied "This is the true sign of an adventurer." We could make a proverb here, surely? Something along the lines of 'One whose hand smells of poo has many tales to tell'? Or, 'Never judge a person until you've smelled their hand'.

Man, I hope the book comes soon.

What is this suddden preoccupation with Peruvian toilets?
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