Monday, March 28, 2005


Things That Make Me Go 'Hmm'

There are big plastic cylinders, filled with seawater to flush down the loos, in Katuwira's toilets. I have noticed that when it's dark out and you diddle around in this seawater, thousands of little things start to brightly glow throughout the water, wherever there is motion. What this trick is due to, I'm not precisely sure, though I've often seen the same phosphorent particles wash up where the waves break when walking down beaches at night. This pretty little phenomenon of nature makes me ponder on how the ocean is absolutely teeming with life and light... it makes my life and all my little problems appear totally insignificant. I like that. Erm, it seems all these colourful sunsets, campfires, and the lack of electricity are rapidly turning me into a hippie while I wait for the sodding gringo marriage book to come up from Lima. No luck yet, by the way.

Congrats chica!!!!!!!! Have spread the news of your marriage...

Lots of fat wet kisses
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