Saturday, March 26, 2005


(Mostly) Honeymooning

We're still at Katuwira, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying the excellent cooking of Señora Techi. We had, however, really hoped to be on our way before now, but as usual bureaucracy has slowed us down. Apparently there is a special book we must sign 7-10 days after the wedding, seeing as I'm a foreigner. Of course nobody told us this before the wedding, and we have to wait until it arrives from Lima. A week has flown by since our wedding already, but the book thing has been considerably delayed by the fact that this week is 'Santa Semana' - Thursday and Friday were national holidays. So, we haven't been able to leave Chiclayo, which has been a bit strange for our honeymoon. I mean, even though we haven't been staying in my father-in-law's house, we've still not been able to enjoy the kind of privacy honeymooning couples generally enjoy - friends just keep popping by... that's all very nice, but not when they simply wish my husband and I to get drunk with them all evening and then let them crash on our sofa!!!

WTF? A special book??! What, like a visitors' book? Do you have to give your name, address and then a brief comment about how much you enjoyed your stay?! It's like they're holding you hostage or something. A special book. Fucksakes. These Peruvians are crazy.
Wish i could drop in on you, the hotel seems nice. how about a brief write-up of it?
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