Monday, March 07, 2005



Tito and I just went to the bank and I noticed with alarm that he hadn't signed his cash card for his new account. I whipped out a ball pen so he could sign it right away. "Oh no", he protested, "in Peru no-one signs their bank cards". A Peruvian friend, Cecelia, who was with us, agreed. I was absolutely gobsmacked - for the love of Dios - why??? "So that if someone steals your card they don't know your signature" they informed me. "Um, but that person could sign it themselves and use that fake signature instead, surely?" I protested. The two could not be swayed, however. Peruvians are completely mental. I get more sense out of the monkey, you know.

I know a few Americans who do the same. I've never understood the logic.
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