Friday, March 11, 2005


Lucky Shirt

It's all been going astonishingly well of late, I must say. We finally have a wedding date (March 19th at 6:30pm, to be precise) and I think it might all be down to one thing - a lucky shirt. Tito had been looking for his red shirt for ages before we went to Lima, he kept asking his mum - who insists on doing all our laundry, bless 'er - if she'd seen it. She protested she'd never seen it, but yet it was mysteriously produced, spotlessly clean and beautifully ironed, just in time for our trip to Lima. Tito's mum advised him to wear it when we went to the Embassy and Consulate, which he accordingly did. The verifications all went perfectly. Upon returning to Chiclayo Tito also wore it to the Municipalidad when we went in (albeit with some rather influential types of friends in tow) to talk to the obstinate ass who thought our British Embassy issued certificate was unacceptable. Everything went just swimmingly... and now Tito's convinced that his mum took the red shirt to the bruja blanca (white witch) for a negativity dispelling ceremony. It worked a treat - I must have her do it again before we go in to apply for Tito's UK visa!

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