Friday, March 18, 2005



It's difficult to put into words what an insanely challenging time this is. Peru has been tough to deal with at the best of times (the best of times here always tend to involve staying up all night drinking warm beer on windy street corners with old men, or something of the ilk) so trying to simultaneously plan a wedding and pack up to move country is causing my head to explode. Especially with experiences like tonight... Tito and I had been to pick up the guestbook and the little 'recuerdos' (ceramic momentos which guests pin to their lapels) that I'd had specially handmade, and were feeling very pleased with ourselves, as those were the last things on our list to do. We had a fantastic celebratory dinner of chicharrones (fried pork) with yucas and then went to the bank for the money to pay for the rock band we're having at the reception. Unfortunately (you can probably guess what happens next) Tito put the bag down with the guestbook and recuerdos during the transaction and forgot to pick it up again. Of course, when we went back in about three minutes later it had been stolen. People are just horrible, aren't they? What on earth could you do with those things, all of which had our names and wedding date emblazoned all over? They will just have thrown them in the bin when they saw what they are, stupid idiots. I feel absolutely livid.

Yes, whenever I'd had a bag stolen, an inspection of bins and alleys in the surrounding streets has normally at least turned up the unsaleable things taken, swiftly dumped as they realised that the reason I don't carry a lot of money was quite clearly advertised via the poverty-smothered exterior, and they should pick a wealthier victim next time.

Rotten thing to happen, though. Hope it didn't spoil things.
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