Monday, March 07, 2005


As Recommended in Marie Claire

'It's Peru, Baby' has been reviewed, and recommended, in this month's UK edition Marie Claire. Many thanks to Katie. I've been writing this blog about Peru for the rollercoaster ride of a year that I've been here - a year in which I've learned Spanish, become part of a huge extended South American family, eaten guinea pig and rabbit and boatloads of tasty sea creatures, spent my time roasting on the rugged northern beaches of Peru and teaching English to unruly adolescents, had nine weeks of explosive arse due to a parasitical infection, been robbed of almost everything, raised a puppy and fostered a monkey, and fallen more in love with my fiancé, and this crazy, impoverished, culture-rich country, than I ever thought possible. Stay tuned to see if Tito and I ever manage to finally get wed, visit Cuzco and Machu Picchu on honeymoon, get Tito a visa for the UK and make it out of Peru... alive and with (some of) our sanity and possessions!

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