Thursday, March 17, 2005



It's Wednesday already!! I can't believe I'm getting married in just two days. We're on an emotional rollercoaster, having had to totally organise the wedding in about 10 days. I think we're almost finished organising the wedding (completed today: photographer and videographer, band and DJ, crate of champers, Tito's ring, make-up, great cebiche for lunch), but we've also got to completely pack up in the next two days... quite a challenge. Unfortunately, it's a pain for a Peruvian to get a transit visa to fly through the States, so we have to fly through Europe with a measly 20kg baggage allowance. I came here with 80kg! Of course, all my MDs and CDs have been stolen which somewhat reduces the weight; other than that I seem to have gained, rather than shed, things in the past year. The nice thing, though, is knowing that clothes and things left here will really be used and appreciated. And whilst my 5 year old jeans are more than sufficient for use in Chiclayo, I hardly think I would feel quite so cool sporting them in London... so I guess it's time for me to shed some clobber in a serious way!

When do you fly back to the UK?
What a frantic, wonderful exciting time. It's a wonder you could pull together such a complex wedding on such short order!

Have a fabulous wedding!
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