Monday, February 28, 2005



We're in Lima again ladies and gentlemen... this morning we got my birth certificate verified by the Canadian Embassy, and then that verification verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now we are currently waiting for the certificate and verifications to be translated into Spanish and then verified again (sighhh - bureaucracy). In between all of the verifications we've been wandering around central Lima, and I must say it's very nice indeed. Ornate churches, crumbling but cheerfully bright colonial mansions, cute little musuems and art galleries - extremely pleasant. It's bloody hot, has horrendous stinking traffic, and is more than slightly dangerous for pickpockets - but I would like to verify that Lima's charm more than makes up for it's faults. I suppose I wouldn't like it so much if I was one of the inhabitants of it's many 'Nuevo Pueblos' (New Towns - ie. nasty slums) but hell, I'm a tourist, and feel the need to stick up for the much-slagged-off Lima. It rocks! Unfortunately, we only have a couple days until we go back to Chiclayo. We need to verify the wedding date! Wish us luck!

Oh good luck kiddo! I hope everything goes well. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. I might even have some good news for once. ;)

And you better have some wedding pictures taken as I want to see!
Dangerous for the pickpockets?! What must it be like for normal people then?!

Good luck with all the crap, V. I hope you get married eventually. What a kerfuffle.
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