Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sod's Law

Was just thinking about Sod's Law. Tito is, by nature, wont to cast his possessions about the room with no regard for order. He misplaces things quite frequently, and in an attempt to remedy this I have been training him to put all his stuff in a certain place so he knows precisely where it is. This had all been going swimmingly, we even bought a study little plastic box for him to keep all his little things that normally get placed on any available surface: watches, sunglasses, wallets, coins, important phone numbers, and the like. Lovely. Except, when the thieves brokes into the house they didn't have to rifle through drawers and cupboards. They just picked up the nice little box left so neatly beside the bed with all of Tito's important little things in it. Now, I say nothing to clutter. Sod Sod.

that's exactly what I tell Katie! clutter is good! Pah to tidying.

a HA! this is the best story i've ever heard in support of harmless clutter. i'm emailing this to my mother.
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