Thursday, February 10, 2005


Rabbit Tales - Part 2

Anybody remember my post about the dramatic, soap-opera lifestyle of the bunny family in our house? Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail they certainly were not, the little buggers. Well, in short, Mrs. Rabbit had been leading a solitary existence after her husband killed himself by impaling himself on piece of sharp wire. She abandoned her seven newborn babies, born shortly after her husband's passing, to their death. But then nothing else remarkable had happened until yesterday, when Tito's father found Mrs. Rabbit most conspicuous by her absence from her cage up on the third floor roof terrace. Oddly, one of his new teenage chickens was also found to be missing. We're still not sure what happened. At first, the only logical explanation was that the two had eloped together, sure that their relationship would not be accepted. But after a careful search, Tito's father found Mrs. Rabbit trapped in a crack between our house and the neighbour's. She was on her last legs when Jorge found her, so we roasted her for dinner. She was getting on a bit, and quite tough, to be frank. The chicken has vanished, though. Hope he's doing well, he's better off without her.

Banessa, you really are turning quite foul. It's time to come home now - back to where meat is bought in nice neat packages from the farmers' market after we've enquired whether the cow led a fulfilling life.
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