Friday, February 18, 2005


Back to Lima

In case you're wondering, we still haven't been able to book the wedding. We've got to make another journey to Lima - this time to have my birth certificate verified by the Canadian Embassy. That verification has then got to be verified (and the certificate translated) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so goodness knows how long that will take. However, I've handed my notice in at ICPNA (yippee!) and will be working there until next Friday. We'll go down to Lima over the weekend, to ensure we're first in the queue at the Embassy on Monday morning! I'm, again, seriously peeved by the British Embassy, who were all too pleased to issue my costly and time-consuming 'Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage', without being so good as to let me know that it would be a totally useless piece of paper until I'd also gotten my birth certificate verified. No government organisation will give you vital information unless you painstakingly drag it out of them, it seems. Guess it's the same the world over!

Runaarounds are so frustrating!
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