Monday, January 24, 2005


We've Been Robbed

As I sat in the internet cafe on Friday night, the thought occured to me that nothing particularly exciting/interesting had happened lately. I couldn't think of anything terribly compelling to blog about, and so made an entry about some funny names I've noticed recently. Then Tito came in, half an hour before I was expecting him. "We've been robbed and they've taken everything!" he said. "The money we've been saving for the wedding?" I cried. Yep. "The digital camera with the photos of our 12 months of Peru?" I sobbed. Yes, that too. My jewellery? Our mini-disc players???

We sped off home and were devastated to find that yes, they had indeed taken it all. Only a couple months before we plan to leave Peru, and they've got basically everything of value that we own(ed). The family's two televisions, a video player, and Tito's passport, too. Tito's sister, Perla, had come home just as the robbers were leaving; they'd pushed past her with a box of our things to get into the getaway car. She got good descriptions and the license plate number, but we don't have high hopes. The police here are useless.

We are absolutely gutted; but I think the worst thing about being robbed is the initial check... compiling the list. The "They've taken my alarm clock, too, the f**kers!" and the "Where's that beautiful silver watch I got for my 21st birthday?" type moments. After that, you just accept it. There'e nothing we can do, everyone's safe, it's not our fault. It's just a shame that this has happened a)right before we get married b)at a time when we've, frankly, had a string of awful bad luck that I've been trying not to moan about, and c)at the only time in my life when I haven't had insurance.

Determined not to let this get the better of us, on Saturday I bought an itsy bitsy bikini, some sangria, and off we went to the beach in the Celica with our doggy. People can envy us even more, if they like, because they just can't damage our relationship. They can't stop us. I pick up my wedding dress on Wednesday!

Aww babe! That's awful :( I wish there was something I could do to help.

But at least if your building up all this bad luck you must have some Fantastic luck on the way.
Awful. Awful. Can't steal the sun can they?
Banessa! That's awful. You poor sweetheart.
Well, we've got a spare tv, a spare video, and a spare DVD player, so when you return, you may not have your photos, but you'll have your friends and lots of electrical goods! And a husband!! Tito chan! You can even borrow our cat occasionally if you fancy.
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