Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Wedding Nightmare

Determined to get on with life, we have been trying to proceed as if we were normal. Tito just went into the 'Municipalidad' (City Hall) to get some more stuff sorted about the wedding. It's turning out to be a total nightmare! The certificate which we got from the British Embassy, Lima at a considerable expense of time and money is just not acceptable to the little bigwig in the Municipalidad, it seems. ¿Por que? Well, because it's written in Spanish. They don't believe it's the original certificate, even though it bears a great, massive stonking shiny red seal that has emblazed upon it in no uncertain manner 'BRITISH EMBASSY, LIMA'. They'd like it in English, they said, with a verified translation. I have just got off the phone with the Embassy. The lady who issued it has assured me they print it in Spanish to assist people.

Secondly, my original Canadian birth certificate which my mother has just sent me from England is likewise unacceptable. It needs to be verified by the Canadian Embassy in Lima. I have contacted them, but am terrified that this will require another trip to Lima. We simply cannot afford this after the robbery. Tito's just paid out to get another passport today; thank god they didn't take mine. Stay tuned... it seems my life has indeed turned into a soap opera! Or maybe some kind of wildnerness escape adventure - can Vanessa and Tito make it out of Peru alive?

I've had problems with the Canadian birth certificate before, we had to get a photocopy of the hospital record for the Americans.

And I hate to mention it, but you might have trouble from the Canadian Embassy. I read this the other week when I heard about Citizenship certificates. I can't work out if it's only in this case or across the board :(


Note: Baptismal certificates, birth certificates and marriage certificates issued by the government of Quebec before January 1, 1994 are no longer accepted for issuing a proof of Canadian citizenship. This applies to applications for replacement of your certificate as well as first time applications for certificates. New documents will be required from the government of Quebec for yourself, your parent or your husband to establish proof of citizenship and you must include original or certified copies with your application. For more information on obtaining a valid document, you should contact the office of the Registrar of Civil Status of Quebec by visiting their Web site (www.etatcivil.gouv.qc.ca).
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