Thursday, January 27, 2005


Shall We Do It in the Country? Or Perhaps in a Group Session?

Erm, still not sure what's going to happen with the wedding. It's so strange to find that things will likely only fall into place a week (or less) before we get wed. Peruvians do not plan ahead, so nor can we! Believe me, I've tried, but all our careful plans have fallen through. This a state of affairs that South Americans have to live with, and I can tell you firsthand that it's absolutely agonising. Tito and I are thoroughly peed off with the contrary bugger in Chiclayo Municipalidad who wants the Spanish document in English and the English document in Spanish... ie. he'd like a nice, hefty bribe, please and thank-you. Thus, we are looking at getting married in a little village just outside Chiclayo called Pomalca. It's quite nice, rustic and quaint. The problem with that option is that I would be the first gringa ever to get married there and thus the Mayor wants to throw a party for us! They want to go all out and put the story in the newspaper, but Tito reckons if we get any more attention he'll end up with a gun to his head. So, ah, no then. Another option which everybody keeps suggesting is a group wedding. They are held relatively often and a couple can be wed for only 50 soles, if they don't mind sharing the ceremony with dozens of other couples, that is. I find the concept of this almost too tacky for words, yet I suppose it would make rather an amusing anecdote... and, well, it really is quite unarguably convenient.

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