Friday, January 14, 2005


Random Details

1) In Peru, they have no equivalent for 'Ms.'. Furthermore, they seem to find the concept of it quite laughable.
2) By law, your birthday is a paid holiday. You automatically take the day off.
3) Peru is apparently the only country in the world where Coca-Cola has a serious rival. Peru's own 'Inca Kola' (which is flavoured with the traditional 'Hierba Luisa') vies for the leading position.
4) The most popular swearing phrase seems to be 'Concha tu madre' which translates as 'Clam of your mother'.
5) 'Cuy' (guinea pig) is sold in the butcher's section of all supermarkets - dehaired, of course.

By request... to Kim, who relishes all the little random details!

I agree with Kim the detais are fasinating!
that's awesome.
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