Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Good as New

Just went to Modelo market to get the zip on my handbag, my glasses, and my ripped yukata robe repaired. If there's something that Peruvians really excel at, it's fixing things, sprucing things up, and making them look almost like new. For completely new zip and the installation of said, I paid a mere 6 soles (less than a quid). And I was delighted to have a new hinge fixed to an arm of my glasses for a trifling 3 soles. I'd been feeling down since I broke my lovely new glasses - they'd fallen off my face when I glanced down. As my sight is so appalling I had unfortunately stood on, and crushed, my specs as I searched for them. Anyway, everything here is used and used and used again. Interesting how the countries that make the least waste only do so out of necessity... everyone's dying to over consume, they just can't. The nice thing for me is that I can leave clothes I don't want here without the slightest guilt, rather, it will be charity. A totally different story to when I left Japan, and found that absolutely nobody wanted my stuff, and that they didn't even have second-hand clothing stores!

It's been driving me nuts in the UK. For exampe my vacuum cleaner woes. It was more exspensive to get the vacuum cleaner fixed than it woud be to buy a new one! It made me feel horribly wasteful.

And what's worse is I know things arn't designed to last as long as they used to. It's sad really :(
Oh and u know what happens here in india??
It is far better here compared to ur good old town..
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