Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Feliz Año Nuevo

*One must be sure to write the little squiggle above the 'n' in 'año' or else the meaning changes to 'Happy New Anus'.

Ahhh... back to (ab?)normality after four days and four nights away on the various tropical beaches of Tumbes and Piura, on the most northerly coast of Peru. What can I say? We are totally broke, but after a pretty nasty family argument in the house (details upon request - it's better than an Isabel Allende novel) we were gagging for just a tiny bit of privacy. I decided to splash out and take 100 pounds out on my credit card. At times like this I really do love living in a poor country. My measley 100 pounds translated to 600 soles - which paid for travel of 500 kilometres each way (granted - on a cronky old 70's greyhound, but still), fabulous seafood feasts, mucho booze and entertainment for 4 days and 4 nights for the BOTH of us!

I now have the best, well, to be frank, the only tan of my life. I feel relaxed and happy and madly in love and considerably less narky. Works starts tomorrow, so I'd better enjoy this while it lasts!

`after a pretty nasty family argument in the house (details upon request)`

REQUEST! I haven`t seen Eastenders for about 8 months and this might ease some of that pain...
P.S. can`t imagine you with a suntan. can`t imagine me with one either. I`d say I`m as white as casper, but here in Japan `Kaspa` means pre jizz. Which is horrible quite frankly.
happy new year... and happy new anus while i'm at it!
I'll trade you stories of stalkers and Swastikas for your holiday story ;)

(Well OK mine are all in my journal anyways, but they are apparently entertaining. I had my mother in hysterics for ages! So much so she forgot to tell me off for getting a stalker and had to ring me back the next day to give the typical Mum speech. ;))
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