Wednesday, December 29, 2004


What the (Witch) Doctor Ordered...

1. A pleasant expectorant that seems to be based on homemade wine, gives a nice buzz and seems to work as well as the expensive German made one I was using.
2. Eucalyptus - pour boiling water over the leaves and drink as tea (horrible).
3. A clove of garlic, crushed, in honey - every morning and evening.
Sounds fair enough, I thought. But have you ever eaten an entire clove of garlic before? Neither had I, until this morning. Tito insisted I try it, probably because he is almost as fed up as I am of me being ill all the time. Under normal circumstances, I am a huge fan of garlic. Wack five fat cloves in my spag bol and I'm happy, spread on a clove per piece of garlic bread - no problemo. Unfortunately, the experiment this morning caused me to realise the burning sensation uncooked garlic causes in one's throat. Also, the gagging reaction that sensation causes. I did manage to get it down eventually, and was rewarded with a very strong, lingering pong of garlic that I can blast on innocent passersby. Not sure if I can eat another clove again tonight, yet I feel I really ought to give it a go. Hmm.

Don't do it!! It sounds revolting.
Happy new year etc. I can't believe I'm reading your blog at gone 3am. That's because you're not here and no one's as exciting as you are. I'm going to go now before I get maudlin.
Sounds like a dif Christmas alright. Garlic regimen doesn't seem like a kill or cure at least. Happy New Year Vanesita

i've been doing the garlic and honey thing recently too. Must ward off the flu that's going around! It's definitely an odd taste combination, but I don't think it's too bad. Though it did make me burp a lot afterwards! I'll also take a small clove, cut it in half and swallow it like a vitamin. Still pretty yuck, though!

(found you through down with gravity, btw)

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