Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Western Medicine is Crap

I haven't blogged for a week (the longest ever!) because I've been really ill. The ear infection proved to be quite powerful, and moved to my chest. Anyhow, more interesting than the tiresome details of that, is the conclusion that this episode has led me to. WESTERN MEDICINE IS CRAP! I have had unrelenting, serious asthma for over twenty years, and the various medicines I have been prescribed have barely been able to control it, let alone cure it. In fact, I now realise, the medicines have not only failed to cure, but also left me worse off than I was when I started. Let me explain... About three months ago I became somewhat fed up of waking up in the night unable to breathe, etc. on my normal course of steroid inhalor and Ventolin. So I went to the doctor (who is, incidentally, Tito's uncle). He prescribed various things, which did bugger all, so I returned a couple of weeks later. He then prescribed me a cortisone injection, to clear up all the fluid on my chest. This was great! I was normal for a whole month! Then, after precisely a month to the day, I returned to exactly the same state as I was in before I started. I went back to the doctor, and he prescribed me another cortisone injection, plus some tablets which function to strengthen the body against asthma. I felt great for two weeks! So good, in fact, that I went frolicking in the freezing cold ocean. Unfortunately, the doctor had failed to warn me that the lovely cortisone jab would seriously lower my immune system. I do wish he'd mentioned that, because I might not have contracted the ear, throat and chest infection, had I known. Now, after three months of treatment I am feeling almost as healthy as I did when I started. Not quite, but almost. I am however, hundreds of soles worse off, having donated them to the medication producing conglomerates. Just in time for Christmas, too!

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