Monday, December 27, 2004


Top 10 Rather Different Things About X'mas in Peru

1. Peruvians eat Christmas dinner at midnight on Christmas Eve, after singing to the nativity and hastily opening pressies
2. They also place the baby Jesus into the navitity at 12pm Christmas Eve, not before
3. After that they proceed to get lashed, then go out onto the streets to set off fireworks and drink beer
4. Christmas day is spent frying oneself on the beach and eating cebiche
5. There's not a sprout to be seen... Christmas turkey is generally served just with garbanzos (chick peas)
6. Hot chocolate (cocoa) here is made with lashing of cinnamon
7. Tito's father, Jorge, could be seen to devour the turkey's head (boiled) - he seemed to enjoy all the wrinkly bits round it's neck (barf!)
8. There's no Christmas cake, or pudding, instead Peruvians nosh 'Panetons' - big bread things with raisins and preserved fruit (think: massive hot cross buns)
9. The Chinese population here often prepare the turkey Chinese style (we had some yesterday at the home of our friend 'El Chino')
10. No cheese! No mince pies! No brandy! No stuffing! No Quality Street! Yet, No snow! No roasting frozen parts in front of the gas fire! No gloves, hats, scarves! HARHARHAR!

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