Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Off to the Witch Doctor...

Further to my previous post, let me tell you exactly what I intend to do about it. I am going to give Peruvian medicine a go. It's based on knowledge handed down for thousands of years from pre-Inca times, and luckily for me, Chiclayo is famous for its excellent witch doctor supplies section in the Modelo market. I have perused it several times before, but have found it's selection of herbs (amongst stuffed cats and lizards, San Pedro hallucinogenic cactus and traditional Peruvian wooden dildos) a bit daunting. But no more! I totally despair of Western medicine, and I am off for a consultation with a witch doctor. I'll let you know how it goes...

Please do. I gave up on western medicine about 2 years ago now. Right after they made me lots worse and were totally ignorant of the side effects of my medications. I've discovered I actually do better without all their shit. (Though obviously my problems generally can'tkill me, they only make me wish I was dead ;))
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