Monday, December 06, 2004


Hot December

I can't believe it's December. It's hot and blazingly sunny, fer chrissakes. Yet, in merry old Chiclayo, there are (fake, obviously) trees up everywhere (with all the standard red and gold made-in-China trimmings that you find all over the world), Christmas carols playing, and even an errant Reindeer to be found in the Plaza de Armas. This is to be my first ever hot Christmas. It'll be a nice change, but it's a bit difficult to get my head around the change in appropriate Christmas pressies. Slippers, pajamas, and warm socks, out. What can these things be replaced by? Flip-flops, shorts and, erm, water wings? Instead of shivering in front of a blazing gas fire, I'll be perspiring over my plate of turkey wearing a jolly red tank-top. For New Year's, we're going to the beach. I'll be thinking of you, as I take a sip of my refreshing Cuba Libre before going for another cooling dip in the ocean...

ooh! you cowbag.
Damn! I was going to call you a cow, but I got beaten to it.
oh, i'm so jealous here in cold and foggy new york city!
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