Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Of All The Things I've Lost...

I am going through a grieving process sparked by the loss of my absolutely favourite, totally irreplaceable t-shirt. I managed to loose the bugger on the final taxi ride home, after our whole journey to Lima. I've now been through the whole process: the denial, the sorrow, the anger, the acceptance... and have decided it simply has to be remembered as a learning experience. Here's what I learned/remembered afresh:
1) Don't do things against your instincts. If you think, for example, ooo, I should put this in my bag - DO!
2) Always look behind you when you stand up/get out.
3) Possessions are attachments which prevent us from feeling free... (thanks, Mr. Tenzin Gyatso!)
4) I definately am marrying the right man. When Tito saw how upset I was we went in search of the taxi straight away. The other drivers suggested he go back to the same spot we took the taxi from at the same time the next day. So, yesterday and today, he's gotten up at 7am to go and wait at the taxi rank for two hours to see if anything turns up. It hasn't. But I think I love him even more, if that's possible.

Awwwww! Tito's so sweet!


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