Thursday, November 11, 2004


Big Woofer Devours Random Object

I don't understand my dog at all. Wanpi downright refuses to eat many kinds of perfectly good food, at the moment she is 'off' fried chicken skin and sweet potato... which are pretty much doggy staples in Peru. If you dare to offer her dry dog food, she turns her nose up completely (does make you wonder what they put in that stuff). She doesn't even regard it as edible when disguised in a stew, she simply licks the pellets clean and leaves them in bowl. Given Wanpi's irritatingly faddish eating habits, I am even more baffled as to why, yesterday, she ate one of my bright orange earplugs. I might hazard a guess that it didn't look, smell, or taste like a food. But, as my colleagues speculated, I suppose it may have had an enticing texture, akin to a tough marshmellow?

my cat ate a stick of butter one time. she was a siamese and she had to have her gall bladder removed. after that operation we called her the "5,000 dollar coughing cat"
My cat likes to eat my elbow. He seems to think its a *fun* way of waking me up in the morning. Apart from that he eats very sensibly; sweetcorn leaves, sweet potato, carrots, CD cases, newspapers (particularly the ones you're reading). Yes all the usual things a cat eats...

I think little Wanpi is letting you off lightly!
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