Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Top 5 Student Names at ICPNA

1. Nimrod (parents with very low expectations?)
2. Julio Cesar (parents with great expectations - possibly unfulfilled - he's missed 3 of 5 classes so far)
3. EKatherine (parents thought 'Katherine is such a lovely name... but how can we jazz it up, make it a bit different? The answer is clear - wack a random E on it!')
4. surname: Chunga-Chunga
5. male student's surname: Ponce-Vera (ooo! ducky!)

I worked in Británico in Lima for some time, and I had a student named USNAVY. Can you guess what their parents thought when they gave their only child such a name???? Actually such names are important in peruvian andean culture... I know a couple of Aristoteles and Napoleon too :P
Maybe they are trying to follow the lastest computer trends and it's really E-Katherine.
Ponce Vera is just too too precious a name not to use - once heard, how could you actually avoid calling your innocent child such a name?

Ref: Julio Cesar - were all his skipped classes on the ides?

Ponce-Vera! That is the best name ever. If I ever have a baby I know what I'll be calling it now.
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